Curriculum Vitae


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Personal Data: Age 41, single

Languages: English, Russian

Sitizenship: Russian

Present address: Peterhof, ul. Razvodnaya, d. 37, kv. 21, St. Petersburg, 198903, Russia

Tel: 7(812)4272462


Research experience: Classical general relativity, Quantum field theory in curved spacetimes, particle astrophysics.    Main publications


1994 Graduate Studies at the Central Astro nomical Observatory at Pulkovo Ph D degree
1989 Landau's "theoryminimum" (a course in theoretical physics) at the Leningrad Institute of Nuclear Physics Certificate
1986 Physics department (Division of Quan tum Field Theory) of the Leningrad State University Master of Science
1978 Honors Secondary Math. School  

Professional Experience:

1993 - now: Researcher (The Central Astronomical Observatory).
2000 - 2001: Research manager (Starlab NV)
1990 - 1993: Ph.D. student
1987 - 1990 Assistant professor (Dept. of Physics, Navy College).

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